Lefkada belongs to the Ionian Islands regeion and is the fourth largest Ionian island.  Together with thw islands of Kalamos, Kastos and Meganisi , it is the municipality of Lefkada. 

Lefkada took its name form Cape Lefkata, at the southern tip of the island, from where, according the legent, the poet Sappho jumped to get rid of the love for Faonas.  

Lefkada began to enter the tourist map in 1963 when Aristotelis Onassis bought the island Scorpio opposite Nydri. 



Symi is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese. The beauty of the island is a unique spectacle. While approaching the port of Symi, one has the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village Neoclassical mansions and captain houses under the romantic atmosphere of the colorful harbor. Symi is an ideal destination for those looking for tranquility and seclusion


Kythnos remains one of the few unexplored islands. It has unique landscapes that will seduce every visitor, with colors and scents of the Aegean. It is also called “Thermiá” on account of its thermal springs. The island of Kythnos consists of two communities: Dryopidos and Messarias. The island has the typical Cycladic style with cobbled narrow streets, white houses, squares, chapels and windmills. The most impressive of the sandy beaches  is Kolóna, where a lane of sand connects the islet of Agios Loukas to Kythnos. Kythnos is definitely the place for thermal tourism. In Loutra village, operates a modern spa center, with two hot springs in the area. The following springs have been famous for their therapeutic effectiveness since the ancient times,  the spring of Agioi Anargyri, inside the spa facilities, and the spring of Caucasus, at 50 meters from the first spring, with a temperature reaching 52 degrees Celsius.


Located between Karpathos and Crete is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese. The first impression you will get from the island is that it looks rather wild and inhospitable, since it is quite gray and emerges steeply from the sea. This remote island remains one of the most enchanting and best hidden secrets of the Aegean. The island has five villages, Fre, Agia Marina, Panagia, Poli and Arvanitochori . Fre is the capital and home to the island’s harbor.


Nisyros Greece is the perfect island to enjoy relaxing alternative holidays! The island is popular for the famous Nisyros volcano, the youngest volcano in Greece, which is still active. Nisyros has some picturesque little villages, especially Mandraki and Nikia villages stand out for their traditional architecture and amazing views. The beaches of the island, they are clean and peaceful, ideal for those who want to enjoy long relaxing days by the sea. ​


Milos known as the “Island of Colors”. The horseshoe-shaped island of Milos floats serenely in the Aegean Sea. Milos island is mostly known as the place where the inhabitants discovered the famous statue of Venus, or Aphrodite, now is in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes. Prophet Elias is its highest peak while its most predominant feature is its magnificent gulf, providing a natural harbor which is possibly the largest in the Mediterranean. 



Skiathos is packed with pine forests, archaeological ruins, and terrific beaches. Perfect for those who demand high standards, it has long been a premier destination for cosmopolitan travellers, particularly those on yachts and sailboats cruising the Mediterranean. The island has 60 superb beaches, among which Koukounariés or Golden Sand i. Koukounariés beach is also famous for its lush pine forest- whose needles “touch” the water offering unique natural shade- and Strofiliá, a rare wetland nestling amidst the pine forest, which has been declared a protected area due to its enormous ecological value.


Shining under the Aegean sun, Folégandros was named after the son of king Minos.  Folegandros is an untouched piece of true Greece with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality and nice beaches. Folegandros boasts traditional Cycladic architecture.  There are three villages Karavostasi, the port, the “Chora” and Ano Merià.  Its cliffs and beaches, its sights ,  compose a place that is veritably unique. Holidays in Folegandros are a magical experience!


Hydra, one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, is located in the heart of the Argo Saronic Gulf. Is built in the shape of an amphitheatre on a slope overlooking the Argosaronic gulf. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, and the banning of cars with the use of around 500 donkeys as means of public transportation, explain the reason why Hydra preserved its distinctive atmosphere through the passage of time. Right and left from the entrance of the port, there are the Parapets with the Canons, which protected the town. You can stroll the picturesque narrow cobble stone alleys and reach the old Settlement of the town, to the medieval fortress town of Kiafa and from there to enjoy the view toward the Peloponnese. Hydra is famous for the calmness it offers to the visitors in the day, but also for the intense, cosmopolitan night life. So the island each year receives a large number of Greek and foreign visitors. Hydra is the birthplace of five Greek Prime Ministers!


Majestic island of the Aegean Sea & home of the mythical Ikaros. Ikaria is a place with rich mythological past, Sandy beaches, running waters, mountains and lush green hillsides compose the majestic relief of the island. The visiotors will find pure nature, wild beauty, stunning mountain landscapes, unspoiled beaches & friendly people. Hiking on the island of Ikaria is not only a wonderful experience, but also the reason why a great many choose the island of the myths as their winter or summer holiday destination. Ikaria is famed for its thermal springs, unique in the whole world for their chemical composition . Ikaria is the island where people forget to die. Today, Ikarians are almost entirely free of dementia and some of the chronic diseases and one in three make it to their 90s. A combination of factors explain it, including geography, culture, diet, lifestyle and outlook. They enjoy strong red wine, and a relaxed pace of life that ignores clocks.


Kastelorizo island is an idyllic destination that offers a unique sense of tranquility and relaxation. The island is famous for its nautical tradition and the impressive architecture. The name Kastellorizo comes from its castle, Castello Rosso, erected by the Knights of St. John. Called also  Megisti, its ancient name lasted until the Middle Ages, when the knights of St John built the castle. The port of Kastelorizo is the unique settlement on the island (divided into three smaller areas, Pigadia, Mandraki and Horafia ) and is quite famous for its picturesque houses which are built amphitheatrically around the small port’s bay. Its two-storeyed neoclassical houses with the wooden balconies on the waterfront and the majestic domes of the churches certify the previous prosperity of the island. The most important monument on the island is Paleokastro, constructed in the Byzantine times. In the yard of the castle, there are two churches, Panagia Kastrou and Agios Stefanos. Also it is worth to visiting the Castle of the Knights of Saint John, the Lycean Tomb and the Blue Cave.


Located exactly where the Dodecanese meet the Cyclades, the island of Astypalaia boasts a centuries-old history. The island was named after Astypalaia, the daughter of Phoenix and Perimede. Chora is the island’s capital town and port. It is one of the most picturesque towns in the Aegean, perched on a rock that advances into the sea, forming two bays. On the top, you will see Chora’s castle towering over the town. Around the castle lie Chora’s houses with whitewashed walls, blue doors and windows, and wooden balcony rails. Astypalaia is an island of significant historical heritage, wonderful traditional images, unparalleled natural beauty and home to very hospitable islanders. With its pristine beaches, whitewashed houses, and uncharted walking paths, the island is an explorer’s heaven, and a find for those looking to escape the madding crowds of summer vacationers.


Luxury and local tradition coexist on this beautiful island in the Argosaronic island, a favourite of captains, royalty and dignitaries.  This cosmopolitan island near Athens will make you want to return again and again. It was named by the Venetians “isola di spezzie”, aka the “island of scents”. Beautiful nature, perfect beaches and a complex history . The biggest of the island’s celebrations, the Armata, is held every September  a truly impressive re-enactment of a naval battle takes place ever since 1931. The picturesque old harbour and Dápia,  are the trademarks of the town of Spetses.  Take a romantic trip around the island in horse-drawn carriages and admire the grand mansions adorning the narrow cobbled streets of the island.  Its special character, derived by the irresistible blend of present and past, makes Spetses simply unforgettable.


This tiny and extremely beautiful island lies in the western part of the Cyclades. Kimolos is named after the lime or “kimolia”  which means chalk. Kimolos was also called “Argentiera” by the Venetians, because of its silvery grey rocksand. Possessing a volcanic soil and a unique variety of minerals, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from thin sand to pebbles. Kimolos is one of the most picturesque islands of the Cyclades island.  Chorio is the capital of the island and a quaint settlement that stretches around the island’s port. Its peaceful atmosphere and natural landscape make it a great destination for relaxing holidays. Kimolos beaches are inarguably the gems of the island! Prassa, Aliki, Agios Georgios, and Kalamitsi are the best beaches on the island. The Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus’ haven is in the north and uninhabited side of the island. This is where you will find “Skiadi”, a natural sculpture resembling a gigantic mushroom. Colorful, shiny pebbles, limpid waters, grey-white rocks,  thermal springs streaming onto sandy beaches, everything comes together as one single painting of unique beauty.


Skyros might be the least popular of the Sporades islands, but it is one of the most beautiful ones! Chora, the main town of Skyros, is one of the most picturesque settlements of the island and  is located on the eastern side of the island. On a hill above Chora sits the imposing Byzantine castle and the monastery of Saint George, one of the most important landmarks of Skyros. The Skyrian horse (Equus Cabalus Skyriano) is a special Greek horse race. It is considered a descendant of the horses of Achilles, who he used in the Trojan war. This durable breed is pictured on the Parthenon frieze. Their characteristic feature is their small height of just 110 cm. The Skyros horse,  belongs to most rare horse breeds in the world and lives only in Skyros! Until today Skyrians are struggling to eliminate the risk of the Skyrian horse extinction. The north part is dominated by lush pine forests and green landscapes while the southern part has a wild yet compelling beauty.


Rhodes is one of the most enchanting Greek destinations Known as the “island of knights”, with a large history, which can be appreciated by its historic buildings and sights. Strong walls, cobbled streets, elegant mansions, and a medieval castle create the illusion. that you have traveled back in time to the time of the knights. Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese, an island which is ideal not only for those who want to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed holiday! With its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, Rhodes is truly a blessed place. Rhodes has so many faces and you’ll discovering them all The medieval Old Town, port of Mandraki, Acropolis of Lindos, ancient cities of Kamiros and Ialysos, Valley of the Butterflies… It’s a landscape with such eye-catching beauty and rich history


Did you know that the 1988 movie “Le Grand Bleu” with Jean Reno was shot on the island of Amorgos, at the south eastern edge of the Cyclades? Amorgos is one of the most impressive Cycladic islands, boasting marvellous beaches with azure waters, gorgeous caves, ideal spots for diving, scenic bays and ancient footpaths leading through its steep rocky terrain… It is an island rich in cultural heritage and particularly wild beauty that impress visitors from the very first moment of their arrival. The island with its Cycladic-style color and its unspoilt overtime traditional character will impress you mainly because here old meets new in perfect harmony without one to alter the other. Panagia Hozoviotissa: An Aegean miracle This is perhaps the most unusual monastery in the Aegean and one of the most significant sights on the island. Impossibly tall and narrow, at first sight it looks painted onto the sheer rockface.